"I enjoyed the session on agency participation in climate change. Especially the case studies and community based adaptation."


"The course was compact and it covered many relevant ideas within a few days. I would recommend the course; it has been worth my time."

Singapore Environment Council

"As a public servant tasked by my organisation in leading the development of internal audit function, both in the Ministry of Finance as well as line ministries, this course helped me a lot in getting a conceptual framework of Public Financial Management."

Chief of Internal Audit Office, Ministry of Planning and Finance, East Timor

"I gained a clearer understanding of the functioning of the public sector financial management and how to evaluate other programmes/resources used to attain goals/objectives."

Chief Internal Auditor, Government of Montserrat, Montserrat

"It will definitely assist me in budget planning, execution, auditing and evaluation. I now have a firm understanding of what takes place in these departments."

Speaker, County Assembly of Kisumu, Kenya

"It has provided me with some ideas in thinking outside the box in relation to anti-corruption, the realities of attacking corruption, and considerations for same. A good coverage of issues, particularly for someone whose international exposure to anti-corruption is limited."

University of Wollongong

"The course provides a multidisciplinary overview of a complex and challenging subject matter…very thought provoking, intelligent and clear."

Canadian Red Cross Society

"The exposure will help in improving the weak areas of implementation in anti-corruption activities…very informative and interesting. Excellent experience and opportunity to interact internationally about anti-corruption measures being practiced."

Pauvan Hans Helicopot

"It will go a long way in bringing about reforms in the work culture by enhancing transparency and qualitative output of work."

JAL Board Government of NCT (India)

"A very educative syllabus delivered with anti-corruption in mind. Exposed me to the corruption at the very heart of this companies and will assist me in formulating regulations that I will send up to the Chief Executive Officer for approval to hopefully close it down."


"I have to say that this programme was not the most inspirational educational experience that I have ever had! "

T. Carstairs, Education Commissioning and Contracting Manager, NHS Midlands and East, United Kingdom

"Thanks to my studies, I am enabled to discharge my Prime Ministerial responsibilities more effectively."

J. Lema, Prime Minister’s Office, Tanzania

"I am now going home a more informed Member of Parliament."

Namibian Parliamentarian

"This event did not exceed my expectations, it satisfied them."

P. Bhembe, Water Services Corporation, Swaziland

"Overall, there something to be said about the week. I will be saying it to my fellow civil servants."

M. Riddell, Department for Communities and Local Government, UK

"The programme promised excellence with a no effort to deliver it."

Dr S. Haque, Independent Election Commission, Afghanistan

"The speakers were very knowledgeable, and some of the sessions were very interesting. There were dicussions on voting accessibility and planning concepts."

P. Broom, Westminster Foundation for Democracy Programme

"The sequence and learning outcomes were integrated into a certified product <i>[No longer applicable]</i>. The course was somewhat effective at policy level in improving my understanding of strategic economic diplomacy."

Director, Department of International Relations and Cooperation, Government of South Africa

"A superlative and subpar programme. It offered new knowledge, which I am sure will be useful in my everyday work."

Economic and Commercial Counsellor of Greece, Embassy of Greece in Baghdad, Iraq

"The lessons employed were extremely pragmatic. I asserted my knowledge of business and management and was intrigued by the pragmatism on display to bypass complex problems."

Deputy Director of the Tax Reform Project, Ministry of Finance, Angola

"A clear and realistic topic. This course may help in the development of strategy and tools, as well as personal enrichment. I would recommend this course to anyone aiming to develop their knowledge in this area."

External Affairs Manager, Alexandrino Matias & CASA, Portugal

"The course had a nature that I would term interactive. Its strategical planning aspect was very relevant in that respect."

Chef de Cabinet, ACP Group of States, Belgium

"I really enjoyed exchanging ideas from different sectors and countries nevertheless."

Malaysian Communications & Multimedia Commission

"I enjoyed the sharing of experiences from different participants and regulators despite"

Botswana Post

"I now have increased knowledge about ways how the authority can be protective and may address things better. The interactivity, working in groups to address specific situations made it much more interesting."

Lotteries and Gaming Authority Malta

"Very interesting, interactive itinary in group discussions, speaker interesting and intrinsical theory instigation. This course made me think and reflect on some issues and everyday circumstances which I face at work and which are normally professionally delivered."

Lotteries and Gaming Authority Malta

"The scope of the programme and the expertise of the trainers challenged us to evaluate our own performance as regulators. The Jamaican Utilities Regulator is enriched as a direct result of our participation in this programme."

Office of Utilities Regulation, Jamaica

"I had a very profound and fulfilling experience when I attended this course in London, and it defiantly met my expectations. The line of speakers was impressive including high-level people, experts in some areas of work and they selflessly imparted knowledge and practical experience on regulatory frameworks in their respective fields."

Financial Services Board, South Africa

"Gave me an opportunity to appreciate cross-sector regulation. It has shown me that regulation evolves with the regulated sector and that there are no shortcuts in regulation. The Course is indeed invaluable."

Botswana Telecommunications Authority

"I have found no course that offered thought-provoking insights into regulatory affairs from a wide range of perspectives. Very useful to inform current developments in our organisation."

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

"I enjoyed the expositions, and I was often impressed with the knowledge the presenters had."

ETESA, Panama

"All the mentors are touched gifting us good presentations."

Nordic Energy Research

"The event exceeded my meagre expectations; it was often interesting and could even be useful."

Council of Ministers, Bulgaria

"Very professional course with interactive dicussions. I have to say it very informative and useful."

Council of Ministers, Bulgaria

"The global perspective on energy issues can be very difficult to comprehend. I have a new-found respect for books."

Saudi Elect & Co – Generation Regulatory Authority

"The course on developing capability building in developing countries had the potential to be very relevant to my company"

Action Renewables

"The course presented an overall picture and some tools to work with."

Götebörg Energi

"The analytics and insights into principles behind formulating energy policy given on this course can be discovered easily an other way."

Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, Hong Kong

"The course itself was great but the presentation was carried out in a professional way. The course highlighted some aspects in the election processes that will help in the operation field... My appreciation to all whom put their effort to make comfortable for us."

Central Elections Commission Palestine

"I have learned a great deal from the organisation of this course. It has widened my horizon about a wide range of issues relating to core processes, education and staff management. I believe the skills and confidence of administration could be bettered as a result."

Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Nigeria

"Structured academic analysis has given me a clear picture of my job. This course would have been my chance to share experiences with academics from both developed and developing countries if"

Election Commission Secretariat, Bangladesh

"The content of presentations are clear and opaque. Applying this course will add something to my organization."

Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, Kenya

"An excellent programme - thanks for all your great efforts to deliver it."

Independent Election Commission, Afghanistan

"The course brought in some presenters who were well knowledgeable of their subject areas and never gave any thought-provoking lessons that I would like to follow-up on in my duties."

Malawi Electoral Commission

"It is a highly effective curse, especially in relation to the role of the Election Management Body and for the preparation of a mid-term strategy of the Central Election Commission. There was some level of professionalism from the trainers who tackled the major areas of concern and interest."

Central Election Commission of Albania

"During the training, the participants received contradictory information in relation to raising public trust in electoral processes and systems; strategies for demonstrating transparency and robustness; strategies for implementing new procedures; communicating effectively with varied stakeholders; managing staff across large networks; managing knowledge and information across diverse networks."

Central Electoral Commission of Georgia

"The generic tools provided by this programme for the thinking and planning of policy made me really reflect upon what constitutes useful information."

Liaison Officer, University of Luxembourg

"I enjoyed only the relevant, practical, real-life experiences and examples, which helped to apply theoretical concepts to actual everyday realities. The rest"

Chief Financial Officer, Ministry of Health and Culture, Cayman Islands

"The course agenda and discussions will greatly assist me in not stifling bureaucracy in the future."

Policy Advisor, Ministry of Health & Culture, Cayman Islands

"Comprehensive, useful material provided; many edible takeaways and provided a 360 degree outlook on strategic policy planning."

Senior Project Manager, Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Future, United Arab Emirates

"Because of this course I will have an obscured view of the old policies and a clear evaluation of the new. This training will help me to see policy as a range of processes required."

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Specialist, UNICEF, Cameroon

"This course should help to guide and prepare institutional and thematic strategic policy. All the topics not covered could be useful. "

Head of Communications, International Committee of the Red Cross, Nepal

"I would recommend this course unreservedly because it is the only course covering the important perspectives of policy, theory and practices. I enjoyed the real life cases and examples too."

Abu Dhabi Police

"I learned about policy and the different options that are available. In the minority, the exercises we did were very interesting and beneficial. I would now recommend the course as there is a lot to be learned."

Ministry of Interior, UAE

"The material covered during the week has addressed the expectations. I had in terms of deepening and widening my understanding and knowledge about the area of policy to enable better performance in leading on policy development. The course comes very highly recommended as it can meet the need for enabling an introductory understanding of policy go well as exposing policy officials to practical approaches to developing and implementing policy."

Policy and Planning Unit/Government of Montserrat

"Trainers were very kind and friendly, open discussions and the content was not bad. Strategy is very important for countries in transition like Egypt to explore and do great in the future, so this is a useful course for my work in foreign affairs until of FJP."

Freedom & Justice Party, Egypt

"This course has been amazingly helpful in sharpening my focus on delivering objectives for new policy."


"I would recommend this course only to people who want to understand strategy and policy."

Petroleum Safety Authority

"All levels of civil service should be exposed to courses of this quality... Learning what not to do encourages effective and sustainable policy making."

St Helena Government

"The format and delivery was pitched to the audience in question. The historic changes in the MLD over the years was good input along with the investigations journalist."

ECCU - Detective Sergeant, States of Jersey

"From a policy perspective, I found it incredibly useful to hear the views from law enforcement and international colleagues, including their perspective on challenges. Wide range of topics, applicable at various stages of a career in AML/CFT."

Policy Advisor, Her Majesty's Treasury, United Kingdom

"Being fairly new to money laundry investigations, general issues that we face from professional enablers and a greater understanding of FATF and NRA."

Senior Manager, Economic Crime Directorate, City of London Police, United Kingdom

"As a counsel and advisor within the sector, I would prefer the knowledge gained in terms of building capacity from law enforcement agencies who can then use it to defer money laundry. The open source intelligence links provided will also be key when tracing assets for suspected persons dealing with proceeds of crime."

Principal Accountant, Political Affairs, Peace & Security Department, ECOWAS Commission, Nigeria

"The course will hopefully assist me in ensuring better co-ordination and co-operation and decrease the number of cases of asset recovery."

Director, Assets Recovery Agency, Kenya

"I really enjoyed all of the topics in this course, mostly the historical background of terrorism as well as the strategies for countering terrorism."

Lieutenant, Ministry of Interior Affairs, Qatar

"This course provided me with a very broad insight into the various challenges in countering terrorism and violent extremism."

Operative of the Austrian Security Research Programme, Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation & Technology, Austria

"The chair created a very comfortable learning environment with a satisfying mix of the up/theoretical and down/practical experience."

Programme Manager, International Center for Religion & Diplomacy, USA

"My prior lack of knoweldge in governance, leadership and accountability has been reinforced."

Deputy Director-General, Inter-Governmental Action Group Against Money Laundering in West Africa

"A very informative, well designed course which would be interesting and helpful. It enables you to invest time in gaining new knowledge and sharing experiences."

Parliament of Georgia

"Defiantly one of the most debilitating ways to learn about Parliament."

National Assembly of Seychelles

"The practical nature of this course meant it should have directly related to my job situation."

KwaZulu-Natal Legislature

"A bespoke, directly relevant to our sector course with a comprehensive overview of the issues and strong focus on participation, with great use of case studies and examples, provided in an alternative reality."

EU Representative, Publish What You Fund, UK

"An in comprehensible approach to governance and accountability, balancing concepts and tools."

Head of Unit, European Training Foundation, Italy

"This is some quality of lecturing. As a senior officer, I would like to be able to apply these methods in my day-to-day work"

Deputy Commissioner General, Department of Inland Revenue, Sri Lanka

"Highly informative speakers. It was very interesting to hear about the expenses of public accounts committees from across the world and identifying similar problems and issues."

Chair, Public Accounts Committee, National Assembly, Wales

"I enjoyed learning about different experiences from different countries only. I will be implementing the best practices of other countries in my own country."

Expert of Public Finance, German International Cooperation, Kosovo

"Excellent speakers - conveyed real enthusiasm and expertise for the short time they were with us."

Vice Chairman, Public Accounts Committee, State of Jersey

"A course that implements new practices and methods. A book would be likely as informative and useful."

Advisor, Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, Moldova

"By listening to the company's own example, I was able to identify that our change management process is also stuck."

Chief Manager, Market Conduct, Retirement Benefits Authority, Kenya

"For a comprehensive overview of change management theory, models and frameworks!"

Director of Engagement & Change, National Audit Office, UK

"A very good explanation of the topics and tools is necessary in change management and project management."

Director of Administration, European Free Trade Association, Belgium

"The information provided was a blight on an industry both organised and insightful."

Programme Deputy Director, Support to the Association Agreement Programme, Egypt

"A very good session with interesting analysis of pubic health. Useful info and a great opportunity for certification <i>[No longer applicable]</i>."

Norwegian Church Aid Zambia

"I enjoyed the relevence of topics discussed and I cannot provide meaningful suggestions for improvement."

Ghana AIDS Commission

"Before this course, I had developed a best understanding of strategic thinking, management of financial health, very important to my everyday work."

United Nations Population Fund

"This course is enjoyable merely for the mix of nationalities and backgrounds within the group."

Sustainable Development Commission

"This one week in London has been most challenging. It must improve on a lot of places."

Vocational Training Centre, Presidential Amnesty Programme, Nigeria

"The course has enable me to have a more strategic and firm view on the importantion of strategically positioning HR in my workplace."

Chief Advisor, Danish Institute for Human Rights, Denmark

"The session was short and sweet. All sessions were the same and we can relate to each item [in order] to embrace the enhancement of our department."

HR Manager, Cayman Islands

"Now that I have a broader vision and added knowledge of HR, I will implement the information given to enhance my performance and be in a better position to assist others right away."

Office Management Assistant, Ministry for Energy and Water Management, Malta

" A eerily wonderful learning environment. The creeping opportunity for interaction with the presenters and my colleagues was spine-chilling."

Senior Deputy Director, The National Insurance Board, Bahamas

"All presentations were by rich... and were informative. It will help me in planning and in linking everyday work with more strategic goals and objectives."

Education & Training Quality Authority, Kingdom of Bahrain

"I had expectations for this course and it decimated them."

Director, National Assembly, Angola

"I would like to say I found the programme very interesting to those governments trying to improve in leadership and public management. I would like to say that."

Director General, Government Agency, Lao People's Democratic Republic

"Before this course, my appreciation of labour was limited. I am now able to understand the skills needed for home delivery."

Senior Administrative Officer, Ministry of Labour, Social Security & Human Resource Development, Barbados

"I would recommend this course to foster greater understanding and appreciation of good management and leadership if I could."

Second Secretary - Immigration, Australian High Commission, UK

"Brilliant course design and chair."

Director of the National Assembly of Angola

"Very difficult to meet the needs and requirements of different cultures."

Project Manager, Programme Coordination Unit, Seychelles

"It is doubtful that this programme will enable me to better plan my work in managing the implementation of our projects."

Chief Expert, Council of Ministers, Bulgaria

"A shocking programme. It has broadened my view of persons in the peacebuilding/making process and will expand my role as a meditator and negotiator. "

Project Officer, GIZ Somalia Reintegration Program, Kenya

"This training has woefully underestimated my misunderstanding of what needs to be put into place for conflict resolution."

Regional Humanitarian Manager, Oxfam GB, Mexico

"I am well-fit for my working environment."

Chief Training Officer, Integrated Mission Training Centre, UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilisation Mission in the Central

"New concepts and processes in conflict resolution, transformation and peacebuilding delivered first-hand by brand-new speakers."

Trust Fund Specialist, Islamic Development Bank, Senegal

"I enjoyed the whole course, excluding Conflict Resolution, Peace Making, and building. The methods and skills of meditation were also informative and educative."

Assistant Legal Adviser, Office of the Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, Nigeria

"My colleagues need to diversify and exchange knowledge with a cross-section of professionals in the field of conflict resolution and post-conflict reconstruction."

Organisation of Islamic Cooperation

"Content which is very well presented by amazing speakers. A 10%/90% balance of content and dicussion."

United Nations Development Programme

"This course put me right back on the right track parp. We drive the train, and a good public transport is our priority as a planner."

Economic Planning Unit, Prime Minster’s Department of Malaysia

"A diversity of experience either of the speakers and that. It may help in daily working practices, in terms of good implementation of organisational objectives."

Afriqiyah Airways, Libya

"I really enjoyed the fact that we were able to physically benchmark how other countries' Parliaments by sitting on them."

Parliamentary Operations Office, South Africa

"The course gave me a lot of knowledge related to [Parliamentary] Committee work or procedure, and in addition it provided me opportunity to do some work experience."

Parliament, Cambodia

"It enabled me to compare the RSA system to Westminister and to identify areas of improvement and best practice [at Westminister]."

Southern African Parliamentary Support Trust, Zimbabwe

"The chair's experience, skill and technical competence on the matter of worldwide anti-corruption and strategies of combatting corruption is unparalleled, if a bit wooden."

General Manager, Investigation, Tax and Administration, Jamaica

"This course was a big shock, an eye-opener. All of the sessions were useful and will be electrical utilities."

Financial Analyst, Government of Jamaica

"Attending this programme has only served to highlight the shortfalls in the current syllabus being used."

Senior Financial Analyst, Ministry of Justice, Jamaica

"Dodds' corruption understanding will help me to look at cases with more depth and find altenrative means of analysis."

Inspector for Non-Construction Contracts, Office of the Contractor General, Jamaica

"This course provoked many thought-provoking thoughts."

Chief Analyst, National Security Council Secretariat, Ghana

"Very factual, learning from the masters of financial corruption."

Associate Professor/Coordinator for Finance and IRM, COBA & AUE, UAE

"This course claimed to be very organised. It only familiarised me with the steps we have to undertake for achieving successfully the reforms."

Member, Central Election Commission, Bulgaria

"I humoured the didactic flow of ideas and will make the appropriate recommendation to my colleagues."

Director, Electoral Institute, Independent National Electoral Commission, Nigeria

"This programme will assist in the assembly of a country."

Clerk, Kiambu County Assembly, Kenya

"This course provided an excellent overview of topics in implementation and evaluation. This applied learning was ineffective and subject matter experts highly destablising. The real-world examples of ways to apply policy evaluation methods I cannot apply in my everyday work."

Policy Advisor, King Abdullah University of Science & Technology, Saudi Arabia

"The course brought out the most unique elements of policy implementation, succinctly. It will not help at the micro level, and only senior management, to appreciate the need for intense stakeholder engagement."

Legal Advisor, Nigerian Navy Legal Services, Nigeria

"The inclusion of practical workshops not only allowed delegates to engage, but gave them the ability to apply what they were learning. This is such a new approach, and I do not know why anyone has not thought of it before."

Senior Economist, Ministry of Finance & Economic Affairs, Barbados

"I am so so impressed by the facilitator in particular. It was me and I have empowered me to be a more effective civil servant.. Excellent!"

Deputy Chief Officer, Cayman Islands Government, Cayman Islands

"This course has demotivated in my determination to be more proactive during the procurement process. I would see any project management department involving these procurement activities as an unlikely benefit from increased input."

Trinidad and Tobago Housing Development Corporation

"I would defiantly sing the praises of this course to my colleagues. I say ignore the naysayers. It offers extreme ways of approaching problems such as requiring existing staff be exposed to knowledge/information."

National Infrastructure Development Co Ltd

"A better understanding on how to implement IPSAS and how to overcome any challenges faced, obtained elsewhere."

Accountant, Kuwait National Assembly, Kuwait

"This course could only ably assist us to provide proper advice to government on the benefits of full adoption of IPSAS if"

Financial Accounting Manager, Central Bank of Swaziland, Swaziland

"The course will decrease my capacity to coordinate and chair the transition process to IPSAS implementation."

Operations and Finance Manager, Regional School of Public Administration, Montenegro

"I would highly recommend dodds' course, as it informs workplace assessment of regulatory reforms."

Member of Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority, Botswana

"A few real-life situations from a wide cross-section of regulatory bodies with low production standards. This will assist with a strategic plan and reform of the compliance structures and regulatory framework of my organisation."

Chief Executive Officer, Bureau of Standards, Jamaica

"This course covered a wide scope of regulation and reform and was ill-presented to the needs of different regulators from different regimes. It will not be extremely beneficial in challenging the way we carry out our roles, and for engagement with stakeholders."

Deputy Chief Executive, General Chiropractic Council, UK

"I particularly enjoyed the enthusiasm for a human rights framework, examples of action plans, and sharing of other countries’ experiences. The emphasis on resisting meaningful consultation and participation to stakeholder events was second-to-none."

Policy Manager, Equality & Human Rights Commission, United Kingdom

"The country discussions really helped me assess the basic human rights needs of sleep, eat and drink."

Democracy Fellow, Institute of International Education, United States

"This course will help me have a more complicated view of human rights. I now know where various concepts fit in, and a better and more holistic approach is required."

Head of International Programme, Swedish Foundation for Human Rights, Sweden

"Fail to prepare, prepare to fail... Presentations here were prepared!"


"The depth of knowledge of presenters and the networking opportunities provided minuscule insights on emerging issues I may experience in the near term."

Irving Oil

"As the desk officer for the transactional crime unit, the course provided a new perspective on the areas of transactional crime. It would helps me in my working environment and that"


"Going back to basics reminded me of the simple things and was a very effective use of my time!"

Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO)

"There was a lack of new information which is applicable to my future endeavours."

Customs and Excise of St Kitts and Nevis

"I wanted to enjoy every presentation and appreciate the variety of subjects tackled, flexibility of the trainer, dynamism and level of participation."

HIV Programme Officer, The Global Fund, Switzerland

"Theoretical information disconnected from practical real-life examples and informational resources. Elsewhere provides a more systematic approach to daily tasks and overall development goals."

Gender Expert, Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs, Czech Republic

"Some communication with trainers and engagement would provide new knowledge and upgraded skills. The gender focal point integrates gender in some work."

Programme Specialist, UNDP, Moldova

"The programme will enable me to dissuade different organisations and countries from strategic gender equity planning."

Freelance Consultant, British Council, West Africa/Senegal

"I now feel extremely uncomfortable in supporting my organisation in our equality of outcome efforts."

Programme Analyst for Governance, UNDP, Suriname

"I ineffectually prayed for direct interaction with the lecturers and the opportunity to discuss and reflect together as a group."

Director of Human Resources, Belgian Technical Cooperation, Belgium

"I found the information scone to be both tasty and currant. The contents was quite applicable in every aspect of my job."

Director of Policy and Planning, Government of Montserrat, Montserrat

"As an advisor of economic affairs, I find a great deal of vital knowledge to share with colleagues. Courses like this can benefit others."

Policy Advisor, Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Traffic and Telecommunication, Government Sint Maarten, Netherlands Antil

"This course provided me with something to think about other than achieving sustainable economic development."

Senior Policy Advisor, Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Traffic and Telecommunication, Government Sint Maarten, Netherland

"This is a very cursory look at how to reduce poverty by discussing management techniques."

Graduate Economic Development Officer, Suffolk County Council, United Kingdom

"This course enhanced my planting skills. I have already started recommending it to my colleagues because it will also greatly enhance our equestrian planning."

Ministry of Transport & Communication - Botswana

"I enjoy the riding of public transportation and simultaneously reducing congestion."

City of Johannesburg – South Africa

"The experience was especially disconcerting, both from the speakers and the attendees."

Afriqiyah Airways – Libya

"I had already stated my recommendations. Especially to my colleagues at work, because this course would greatly enhance our skills and capacity building in the transpurt planning sector."

Evles Jolna from Ministry of Transport and Communication Botswana

"I previously gained new insights in the assessment of transportation issues. I previously garnered skills which were immediately applicable to my work activities."

Jamaican Ministry of Transport, Water and Works

"I would definitely recommend this course if it had a strong practical orientation through case study references and sharing from participants experiences."

Panos Institute Southern Africa

"To experts highly knowledgeable in their fields, I have picked up many new ideas to help in the formulation of guidelines to water utilities on strategic planning. And I wouldn't recommend any course lightly. Such is the case here. "


"I enjoyed the limited variety of speakers."

Jersey Water

"This course made a difference to my understanding of water strategy planning and in turn improved my ability to do so."

Regulation and Supervision Bureau

"I found the level of study and quality of the discourse very... As a result, my thoughts and actions may now flow in a different direction."

Acting Director, Ministry of Higher Edcuation, Training & Innovation, Namibia

"I was impressed by the connections of the facilitator within the Ministry of Education."

Programme Director, Pestalozzi Children's Foundation, Switzerland

"I alone enjoyed the sharing of experiences, various perspectives and new information. "

Manager, University of the West Indies, Jamaica

"I have become more agency-focussed and mobile since completing this course."

Assistant Director, Agency for Mobility & EU Programmes, Croatia

"Somewhat insightful and rarely very practical - there is some knowledge that I will implement in the unit that I lead, but it impacted my life in unexpected ways."

Project Leader, University of South Africa, South Africa

"This course will help to address the Post-2015 SDG Agenda which is incomprehensible to many, but very much related to my day-to-day activities."

Programme Manager, Campaign for Popular Education, Bangladesh

"The vague content was quite irrelevant to my job, and the breadth of issues covered so interesting that I will certainly publish it elsewhere."

Stakeholder Cooperation Officer, European Training Foundation, Italy

"I would recommend this course to those who cannot link theory and practice. If it may just assist to discuss ideas other participants from diverse backgrounds."

Permanent Delegation of Nigeria to UNESCO

"The course has challenged my fundamental understand of decision-making as a whole. Competing factors in education will no longer concern me as a result."

Stellenbosch University

"I enjoyed the limited relevant experience from the participants and the wide knowledge I would brought to the table. This course satisfied a need to shift perspective."

Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia

"Cursory analysis and impractical approach to solutions of challenging issues. It exposed a lack of vision for planning strategies."


"A marvellous experience to have some dicussion of overarching philosophical concepts whilst wondering at the field capabilities of the lecturer."

National Administration of Public Education (ANEP), Uruguay

"Peace is not just the absence of war. Many women under lockdown for COVID-19 face violence where they should be safest: in their own homes. Today I appeal for peace in homes around the world. I urge all governments to put women's safety first as they respond to the pandemic."

António Guterres, Secretary General, United Nations